Sugar Dating: The Top 10 Golden Rules

The Top 10 Golden Rules Of Sugar Dating

As a sugar baby, I’ve got to knowing the ins and outs of sugar dating. New to business? Here are the rules to obey by.

1. Commit to an online identity and IRL

We all love authentic characters, don’t we? That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do in the sugar dating world, too: create your persona starting from your defining traits. Are you more of a play girl, a sexy librarian or the girl next door? Embrace that and play it out in your online profile. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about playing a role, it’s about creating consistency. Highlight your most appealing traits, create a coherent identity aligned to your true self and be consistent. Sugar daddies can sniff great pretenders from afar.

2. Looks a lot like dating

Sugar dating is no different than regular dating. You invest a lot of time and energy in genuinely getting to know people. You’re looking for that connection and also for someone who can meet your needs, since you’re both in it for something. Go through different profiles, reach out to those sugar daddies that caught your eye and be ready to go on a lot of first dates to meet the right person.

3. Say it as it is

Many sugar daddies go for sugar dating because they value efficiency. So, make sure to be straightforward about your needs and expectations and ask them questions to understand their intentions. Be honest and share with your sugar daddy why you’re choosing the sugar baby lifestyle.

4. Outline the terms of your agreement

If you got the chemistry, it’s time to move forth with your sugar partnership. Set the frequency of your meeting and the terms of your arrangement right from the start. The more specific the agreement, the easier it will be for both of you to manage it. Decide upon the frequency and length of meetings, where you’ll meet, what a typical date will entail, whether you’ll be seen in public together, how long the relationship will last, what is a deal breaker for each of you, etc.

5. Don’t lose focus

In regular relationships, we tend to get comfy with one another after some months. It’s not the case with sugar dating. As a sugar baby, you should look top-notch every time you meet your sugar daddy. Surely, be genuine, share with them if you had a bad day, but always keep your standards high in terms of looks and behavior.

6. Respect your agreement

Having a concrete agreement is a way to ensure no unwanted situations will arise. Rich older men are on a tight schedule. As a sugar baby, you’re expected to be flexible and change your schedule according to theirs. Canceling on a sugar daddy or showing up late is a definite no-no. Be accommodating, but if you your sugar daddy fails to deliver what they promised in a timely fashion, that’s a red flag right there.

7. Be discrete

If there’s one thing you should be careful at, that’s discretion. Dating older, wealthy powerful men comes with the understanding that they want the terms of your relationship to be private. Respect that.

8. Make the most out of this opportunity

There are more advantages to dating a sugar daddy than you can think of. Apart from the obvious, think of how you can use his expertise and influence to network with people from his industry and build professional relationships. Your sugar daddy can be a romantic partner, and also a friend, mentor and confidante.

9. Manage your expectations

It’s only natural to grow into liking and even loving your sugar daddy. That being said, remember that this relationship is first and foremost a transactional one: you’re each satisfying immediate needs. So, try not to get too attached. Keep a close eye on how your relationship is evolving and what emotions you have when you’re around him.

10. Always have a Plan-B

A sugar dating relationship can end at any given moment. Make sure you save a percentage of your earnings. Keeping a day job is always a good idea. So is having other sugar daddies to count on.

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