How to Be a Sugar Baby


Ready to start sugar dating, but you’re still a tad nervous? No worries, it’s only normal to feel so when you’re starting something new and exciting! I’m here to share my experience in hopes that it will help you better navigate the sugar dating world.

To be completely honest, I was terrified when I first started. Had plenty of doubts about becoming a sugar baby and how that will impact my self-esteem. To begin with, I was never the most self-confident. I had a lot of body issues when I first started, only to realise after some months that this whole experience actually played a capital role in boosting my self-image.

The web is already filled with tons of resources on sugar dating, from online sites, to advice articles. My wish is to put together for you helpful information and relevant experience so that you can fully embrace this sugar dating experience in a safe and fun way.

In my first article, I touched basis on creating a profile on some good sugar dating website, sending personalised messages that catch their attention. If you haven’t yet, make sure to give it a read.

First things first: calling on the phone

You’ve been messaging your potential sugar daddy back and forth and he’s clearly interested in taking things to the next level? Be ready for him to give you his phone number. This can only mean he wants to know you better, so you’ll probably continue your communication through text.

It’s not uncommon for sugar daddies to ask you for a picture. If it’s the case, don’t be afraid to also ask him for one. It’s only fair for both of you to confirm you are who your sugar dating profile says you are. I encourage you to be as authentic as possible in your texts. It’s always a good idea to let people see the real you. Surely, be mindful that reading context through text is rather difficult. Use punctuation points, smiley faces, so as to express how excited you are about meeting them.

Go with your gut! It’s not for nothing that we call it gut feeling. If you sense something is off with a particular sugar daddy, don’t go on a date with him. Another one who will be as interesting will come in no time at all.

Time for a first sugar date

You’ve been on dates before, right? So, you know how it goes. Yes, it can be terrifying, yes it can be intimidating, but it can also be lots of fun. Set up your first meeting in a public space. I can’t emphasise how important this aspect it. Go to a restaurant, a coffee shop, somewhere crowded enough for you to feel safe, but quiet enough to have a conversation and get to know each other.

Getting down to business

It’s your first date and you’re trying to have a good time, but the big fat elephant in the room also needs to be addressed: your allowance. It may be that you already discussed it through texts. If you haven’t, now is a good time to approach the subject. It’s only fair for both of you to be open about what you’re looking for and how you see this arrangement going forward.

Yes, it won’t come easy for you to ask for a fairly large sum of money from a stranger. I’d also get unease in the beginning when I’d sense the conversation going in that direction. Whether the sugar daddy is bring up the subject or you need to woman up and ask, remember it’s an equal negotiation and that you are two consenting adults. Ask you sugar daddy what their expectations are, what they want to get out of this arrangement and let them know how you intend to use your allowance. many sugar daddies will look at you as an investment. They want to feel their money are put to good use.

Lastly, don’t forget to get clear on the terms of the arrangement: when will you meet, where, how often should you contact him, etc.

Arrangement, she wrote!

Dear newbie sugar baby, this arrangement should be something you’re perfectly comfortable with. So, make sure you don’t settle. Choose your sugar daddy wisely. Go for someone who has similar hobbies to yours, someone you feel comfortable with in public. Ask yourself, so I enjoy spending time with him? Is there chemistry? Does he make me feel safe and cared for? If yes, that’s great! Otherwise, this arrangement will feel like a chore and it will drain you.

I do hope my advice is helpful. I tried to keep it short, but if you have any other questions, do leave them in the comments.

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