How to Be a Sugar Daddy


You’ve decided to engage in a sugar arrangement? This relationship where you support your Sugar Baby financially while she provides intimately is, eventually, going to evolve into something more. Here are some points to bear in mind so as to be the best sugar daddy you can be.

1. Be honest

As you might have realised, this arrangement is based on trust. You have the opportunity here to be as honest as you can allow yourself to be. Your Sugar Baby will surely appreciate it. Needless to say that a relationship where both partners feel equal and respected is one that will bloom and be beneficial for both parties involved.

2. Openly talk to your Sugar Baby

As the relationship evolves, you will get the sense that you can openly address aspects of your arrangement with your Sugar Baby.

Make sure you ask your Sugar Babe questions, make her feel cared for, seen and make her see that you’re genuinely interested in making her feel comfortable, understood. I found often times, just asking a question and actively listening to her talk makes all the difference in the world. Your connection might just get tighter.

3. Be a good friend

Before anything, your arrangement is a friendship. Treat each other as friends, be able to share what you like, what you need, what is important so as to grow into a strong bond. Surely, sex is on the table. Still, this partnership is more than just sex. Remember: treat your Sugar Baby with kindness and friendliness. She will surely return the favour.

4. Meet her needs

Are you familiar with the gentlemen’s agreement? In a group a men, when you promise to do something, you’re hold to your word. Fundamentals apply to your sugar arrangement: if you gave your word to help your Sugar Babe with something, make sure you cater to her needs. Easy, peasy.

5. Avoid bringing up her past

We all have a past. I imagine you wouldn’t like your Sugar Baby to ask you uncomfortable questions about yours. So, make sure to return the favour. If there is any tip that you should really take into consideration, this is it: don’t shame her for decisions she took prior to meeting you. Focus on the present and the future. How is it that you can support her and contribute to her enjoying a more fulfilling life?

6. Forgive

In youth and beauty wisdom is but rare. Sometimes people make mistakes. I did, you did, she will probably do, too. Don’t read too much into a missed phone call, or her getting wild at a party. Do explain what made you feel uncomfortable. Place a special focus on how things could be improved in a similar situation in the future. If this arrangement is as important to her, your Sugar Baby will do everything in her power to not disappoint you again.

7. Be a mentor to her

You must have understood by now that your Sugar Baby aspires to something more in life than being financially supported by you. She might even look up to you, since you achieved a level of success she might also be aspiring to. So, take this chance to model for her the behaviour of an independent person, invest in her interests, channel her passion towards fruitful actions. Embrace her freedom instead of trying to control her. Celebrate her successes and help her build up her professional confidence.

Having a Sugar Baby is an engagement, one that you can make the most out of, if you play your cards right. It is an arrangement that should be rewarding for both of you. And who knows, maybe you’ll explore so many new things together. A word of wisdom? Carpe Diem!

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