What is a Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance to Ask For in 2018?

What is a Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance to Ask For in 2018

Establishing your sugar baby allowance is no easy business. It can actually be a tricky thing, seen that a sugar baby allowance ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands. You’d try to go about it as when applying for a regular job, wouldn’t you? Wrong! Google won’t be the friend you can always count on for this one.

Here are 3 factors to take into account plus some tips to help you come up with YOUR right number.

How Much Am I Worth?

Surely, there may be many traps in the sugar dating world, but if there is one that’s really dangerous, this is it. Your sugar baby allowance does not reflect your worth. Baby, you’re priceless! Don’t fall into the trap of determining your allowance based on your looks, level of education, age, ethnicity, etc.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s see what your allowance actually is: it’s setting a price for the investment and contribution you’re willing to make to your sugar daddy’s life. Find that number both you and your sugar daddy are comfortable with.

3 Factors to Set Your Sugar Allowance

  1. How much do you want?

Every sugar baby has different needs, goals and motivations. Are you looking to supplement your monthly income by a hundred dollars? Then, maybe sugar dating isn’t even your thing. You can just as easily earn some cash by going on paid dates. You can check out websites like What’s Your Price or My Bunny Date.

Looking for an allowance to cover for your lifestyle expenses? According to SeekingArrangement the average monthly sugar allowance is around $3,000, varying from $1,000 to $5,000. To be able to decide on your allowance, create your monthly budget and see what sum you need to live comfortably, cover your bills and other living expenses and also put some something in your savings account.

We all secretly, or not so secretly, would like to reach a monthly allowance of $10,000 to $20.000. And some of us do, but you should know that’s not the norm. It usually takes time and building a strong connection based on trust and respect for a sugar daddy to put down such an amount. If you’re lucky enough to get into such an arrangement, cheers to you! But proposing the average sugar daddy a 10k+ allowance might not go down smoothly. Remember that most sugar daddies are well-versed businessmen knowing a thing or two about negotiation. So, better play it safe and ask for an allowance that covers your expenses and allows you to put something on the side.

  1. How much can he give?

We tend to think sugar daddies are multi-millionaires, but not all of them are. Even if yours is, bear in mind they have other engagements, too, such as investing in their business, covering for their children’s education. Quick tip: go for a single sugar daddy.

Location is another factor that plays into how much your sugar daddy can provide for you. According to a SeekingArrangement survey, highest-paid sugar babies live in Miami, New York, Los Angeles. A good starting point to see how much a sugar daddy can afford to invest in you is doing some research on how much his occupation earns. That plus knowing how many people depend on him, children, spouse, etc.

  1. What are the terms of your sugar arrangement?

Factor in aspects like time, exclusivity, nature of relationship and other expectations your sugar daddy has from you, before coming up with your monthly allowance. The more time you spend together, the higher your allowance goes. If you’re expected to be available at any time, spend full nights or weekends, then your allowance should also be congruent with these requirements. Is this an exclusive relationship? If so, this exclusivity also covers for a higher allowance.

Once you decided on a number, don’t be shy to share it with your sugar daddy. They will appreciate your sincerity and ability to communicate in a clear way your expectations.

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