How to Set Sugar Daddy Relationship Expectations

Sugar Daddy Relationship

As any other relationship, a sugar arrangement is bringing together people with different needs and wants. You know that saying, expectation is the root of all heartache? It can be true if the sugar relationship expectations are not clearly defined.

Learning how to set sugar daddy relationship expectations in an important part of building a strong, healthy partnership. Here are some aspects to bear in mind when navigating through your sugar arrangement.

Communication is key

I can’t stress this enough: be ready to openly discuss your needs and expectations of your sugar arrangement. When you’re honest about your deal breakers and create the space for your sugar daddy to also share his, chances are your relationship will run smoothly.

Mutual respect

So as to be able to set your sugar daddy expectations, you need to firstly cover the grounds of respect. How does a relationship based on respect look like for you. Maybe for your sugar daddy always being on time is a big deal or not cancelling last minute, unless something important came up. Make sure to state from the start what is important to you and ask what your sugar daddy expects from your relationship, too.

Equality is the word

As a sugar baby, you should not enter a sugar relationship feeling that you are the less important partner seen that your sugar daddy is the one providing for you. You are an equal partner and you should state that you expect to be treated as such. Surely, be flexible and understanding but, at the same time, state healthy boundaries for your relationship so that both of you feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Transparency around allowance

The sooner you deal with the aspect of the allowance, the better it is. Be transparent about what you expect in terms of allowance and how you plan to use it. I don’t know how it is for you, but I learned that transparency around difficult subjects is the best way to more forth. Plus, as a businessman, your sugar daddy will appreciate tackling the elephant in the room right from the start, instead of waiting.

Finding the middle way

Maybe you won’t be able to fulfill all your sugar daddy relationship expectations. As in any negotiation, being flexible is very important. Be ready to compromise, if being in this relationship is important to you. Meet your sugar daddy halfway and only agree to those terms of the arrangement you’re comfortable with.

Be specific

When setting your sugar relationship expectations, be specific: what are you waiting for and what is your sugar daddy receiving? Go through details such as, how often you will meet, where and for how long. What kind of outings are you going to accompany him on, business, leisure? What’s the best way to get in contact with your daddy? Remember some sugar daddies have families and would like to keep your relationship lowkey. Is exclusivity expected? Are you going to accompany him on his travels? All these need to be covered in the early stages of your partnership.

Set a way to manage conflict

Conflict is inherent to any relationship. It might be that you’ll have some challenges in your sugar relationship, too. It’s always a good idea to define how you will handle it. Surely, this depends a lot on you as an individual and on your sugar daddy, but a good idea is to be mature enough to deal with inconvenience as it occurs and not put it aside and hope it will get better with time.

Relationships are no easy deal. Still, you’re lucky here, because a sugar arrangement is more than an intimate relationship. I would argue that it’s like a business agreement where you can decide upon your terms and expectations from the early stages of your relationship. So, make sure you define the aspects that are important for both you and your sugar daddy from the beginning. And enjoy!

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